Saturday, May 14, 2016

Ono Pink Journal: Understanding a Vision in Motion too.

As was concluded in our previous post, click here if you missed it. the objectives of Ono Pink Journal will be outlined as it was written in 2013. Two years before the launching of the blog. It has been a dream which two of my friends; Tunji Akinyomi and Gabriel Akinyomi have been a great part of until, I decided to take the crowded road walk and got swayed away from this part. However, God again gave me a reminder via one of them. And here we are with understanding the vision and mission of this blog, which I greatly pray you will become part of....... continuation from last post.
Consequently, as humans we are able to think or reason for ourselves; make moral choices; exhibit powers of artistic creativity; express our capacity for relationships of love; explore our insatiable thirst for God. These qualities reveal something of what God is like and what He wants to produce in us which will enable us use these qualities to dignify our humanity. Let’s focus on one of the qualities of humanness, the capacity for relationship of love. We have this capacity because God is love and an important consequence is that if God is love, He is the ultimate source of love and because we are like Him we are “made to love”.  With such love embedded in our heart, we will be able to be a channel to each other through the turbulent times of life.


-         We shall learn to have a realistic view of ourselves which does not paper over the cracks and pretend that everything is fine.

-        People shall be made to have decisive will to survive when we fall victim to other people, we are left with the choice between remaining a perpetual victim or moving ahead to become a survivor.

-         OPJ will help people build healthy relationship with each other.

-         It will give room to individuals to write to us about issues they are too shy to discuss with others, especially issues that can lead to conflicts in relationships (There are specialist in this area, we can recommend to you).

-        It will help bring about national integration because love has nothing to do with skin colour, tribe, religion etc.

At this moment let’s learn to let love rule our lives and teach us how to draw from our inner being, the strength to be firm through trying times. We are here to help you find a channel through every life’s tunnels as love take precedence in all of your decision.  Cheers!

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