Saturday, May 07, 2016

Saturday's Jest: Bobito and Chikito Avenue - Episode 3

Saturday's Jest: Bobito and Chikito Avenue Episode 3 - Overdue Rent Palava
Welcome to our Saturday Jest centred on Bobito the brick layer and the sassy banker, Chikito. Of course, that’s not their real names but few months into moving into the same compound has earned both of them the nick names that are now stuck like glue.

The normal belief of ‘you do me and I do you, God nor dey vex’ comes with this episode of Chikito having an opportunity to pay back Bobito with his own coin for making her fool herself before her would be in-laws some weeks age. Click here if you missed it.
One evening, Bobito stopped Chikito on her way to her apartment with a letter from the landlord. Being poorly educated, he often asks for her help. Chikito had been bidding the moment to avenge Bobito and upon reading the content of the letter, quickly combed up an additional paragraph. She explained to Bobito that Landlord has decided to give him one more month to pay his overdue rent, which was stated but went further to add that it is base on the condition that Bobito will be one to empty everyone’s waste in the compound until the waste deposer agents issue with the compound tenants will be resolved. Because the tenants are refusing to pay for the new increment.

Bobito: Chaii, na wao for oga. Which kin punishment be this? Well e still better say he not talk say make I park.
Chikito: Thank God you know. Abeg come carry my dirty, I don dey think of how I won take dispose am sef.

Bobito: But how me wan take dispose na another matter too
Chikito: Beg that your friend that has that wheel Barrow. Sha na the dirty carry work he dey do.

Bobito: yes, Thank you wen you take remind me. I go just arrange with am sharp sharp.
Every three days Bobito kept carrying the dirt for almost two weeks. On the second Saturday, one of his neighbour stopped him for questioning

Neighbour: Is it Landlord you said asked you to carry our dirt until they resolve the issues?

Bobito: yes ooooo, anyway e go soon end as na only 10k remain make I go pay for that e cubicle wen make am give me this kin punishment.
Neighbour: Did he tell you himself

Bobito: he talk am for the letter wen e sent come give me.

Neighbour: The one asking us owing to pay up within a month

Bobito: yesss ooo na that one

Neighbour: Well, I spoke with Landlord yesterday and asked him about you and he said; he sent the same letter to the three of us owing him and there was nothing like you having to dispose off waste until you’re able to pay up your rent. So, you should go read the letter again or asked who read it out for you.
Of course they both know Chikito has taken her pound of flesh.

Bobito with two hands on his head cursed his inability to read and write....... while awaits his turn....

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