Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Sickening: A Man Got Killed in Front of my Office Gate.

A Motor cyclist (popularly called okada rider) was killed right in front of my office gate today. He was found death early hours of the afternoon in the pool of his blood opposite the gate. The same gate many passed through on their way to work this morning and I actually went quite too early today. It is unquestionable that safety is of the Lord. Graphic photos after the cut.

In as much as I hate to share such sickening news these days, this is just too close for comfort. I quite understand the location of my work place is a bit quiet and bushy but for a man to be murdered and yet no one within or outside the premise witnessed the incident and probably raise alarm breaks my heart.
The identity of the man is yet to be known but someone did say he’s from the neighbouring town. And he was killed because of his motor cycle which was taken from the scene of the incident by his killers. I gathered that his son just bought the motor cycle for him. The assumption is that; he might have struggled with his killers whose intent was to rob him of the motor cycle. The resultant struggle was him been  stabbed from the back.

It is sickening to think about the rate at which people are been murdered and there’s need to be vigilante in prayers for the safety of everyone in this country. Imagine while we were busy with our daily routine, someone was been killed.  May his soul rest in peace.

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