Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sire got Desires!

Ladies! Sire desires just may surprise you is majorly about finding a soulmate not a bedmate. Be careful in making a choice of what you want to be to that gentleman. A bedmate can easily be replaced but never a soulmate. When he finds his soulmate, you’ll become his past alongside the discarded sheets or bed. It is a tragedy that today; the world is gradually making many to believe they can be both. Sorry! you can’t walk in two different directions at once. Be wise! Enjoy this story that I hope will better explain it to you.

The wedding bells rang melodiously, calling the people to gather and celebrate the latest couple. The groom stood tall and handsome like a god and the bride right beside him with severely bowed legs, looking much less good looking. It was obvious lots of money have been spent to atleast make her look as she is presently.  Many wondered how such a match could have been made. None could call her ugly but they were thinking it and whispering among themselves. Finally, it was time for the toast and everyone ears pecked up as the best man told a story that shamed many of the guests.

Apparently, the groom has had some difficulties almost four years ago, when he lost his job and fiancĂ©e along with it. He barely could smile over the most interesting jokes because of the worries on how to get a new job. His  family members and friends visit practically tined out and the ladies varnished completely when they realised the money isn't there for spending.

In a bus one day, waiting for it  to be filled, a lady tapped him  to move aside for her. So lost in his thoughts he didn’t hear or feel her touch until others had to shout out a command for him to move. When getting down at her bus stop, she had smiled at him and slipped a piece of paper in his hands. Upon opening it he saw her number and the words ‘if you do need a friend, call me’ written on it. It threw him off guide but stared in her direction long after she had gone. Of course, he knew it would have been the way he had acted earlier and nothing else. If she thinks there is, it would be long before she will have a rethink, he thought to himself.

He called some days later and they got talking. She listened, encouraged and taught him to have faith and be hopeful. Made him realise how important today is to tomorrow because your survival today is what will determine your existence tomorrow. If you can’t live through one day at a time, there will definitely be no counting of days and the easiest way to achieve that, is to let depression have the better of you. The fact there is someone who was ready to listen to him mourn his pain over the past, present and future, he felt happy. Six months later he had a new job with better salary, lot of allowances and travels privileges, which was better than the previous one because as one of the interviewee said ‘you had an air of ease and confident and that’s what we wanted’. In less than a twinkle, family members and friends were already calling to congratulate him. Same people that didn’t remember to call and ask how he was faring without a job for the past years.

In the euphoric bliss of it, he could only think of the one person, he wanted to celebrate with, who had in the past few months encouraged him to give himself a chance of truly finding himself before thinking of finding a job. However, all of their conversation had been on phone and he looked forward to finally meeting her. Although, he hadn’t had a good look at her when they first met, he felt she’d be as beautiful as her voice sounds. But she was adamant to meet with him and it took another two months of convincing for her to agree. At first sight, he realised it was his turn to make her learn to be proud of herself and be proud to be his wife. Disappointed she wasn’t beautiful, no! The beauty would have just been a bonus to her good heart which was all he needed. So, ladies and gentlemen, the match wasn’t made base on the physical look but the embodiment of goodness that lies within them.  Cheers!


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