Friday, May 27, 2016

The Best Vintage to Raise Children with Vantage Tutelage by Rita Oviri.

It is coming late but the day won’t end without our team wishing a very happy children’s day to all the beautiful souls born into the world to make it a better place. May your parents find grace to raise up giants of tomorrow in all ramification of life.

Enjoy article written by  Rita Oviri on; The Best Vintage to Raise Children with Vantage Tutelage.
Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it Proverbs 22:6. Remember the bible says; they that are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God Psalm92:13. Until you plant your children in the house of the Lord they will not stand out in the midst of their peers. This is so because, if you don't teach them the fear of the Lord now, they will go out and learn the way of the world and just then it may be too late to bring them up in the fear of the Lord. "It’s better to correct a child then to repair a broken adult".
The question is; “how are you parents training your children? Are you bringing them up in the way of the Lord? Examine yourself”. It’s amazing how parents can afford to take their children/wards to amusement parks, swimming and the likes of it but forget what matters most "planting the children in the house of the lord". Well, don't get me wrong, taking them out to have fun is not a bad idea but the issue is; as much as you take them out for fun you should remember the most important aspect in bringing them up in the way and fear of the Lord...take time out to plant them in the house of the lord and make sure they have a personal encounter with God. Remember the fear of the Lord is to depart from evil Proverbs 16:6.                        
A brief example, Hannah had other children after Samuel but it was Samuel that was planted in the house of the lord and Samuel was more relevant than the other children. "They that are planted" shall flourish in the house of the lord. Remember You are only a caretaker don't misuse the privilege, It’s time to raise kingdom giants! Don’t fail God. Bring them up in the way and fear of the Lord. Thanks for being a parent.
                                          Rita Oviri. (The team is growing, don't miss out).  
Reflective Poems on parenting.
I took a piece of plastic clay
And idly fashioned it one day,
And as my fingers pressed it still,
It moved and yielded to my will.
I came again when days were past
The bit of clay was hard at last;
The form I gave it, it still bore
But I could change that form no more.
I took a piece of living clay
And gently formed it day by day,
And moulded with my power and art
A young child soft and yielding heart. 
I came again when years were gone
It was a man I looked upon;
He still that early impress wore,
And I could change him nevermore.
                              (Authour Unknown)
I saw tomorrow marching by
On little children’s feet,
And in their form and faces rode
Her prophecy complete.
I saw tomorrow looking at me
Through little children’s eyes,
And I thought how carefully we would teach,
If only we were wise
Once again, Happy children's day celebration to your children/wards..... Cheers!


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