Sunday, May 01, 2016

The Harsh Reality of Man's Inhumanity to another.

I happen to be one of the most confused person when I witness or hear about the inhuman act melted on man by another man. It usually leaves me speechless especially when it comes to road users. Rough driving is the order of the day in this nation but man will rather take to his heels than take responsibility for the outcome of his roughness. So, was the case of the young lady, whose legs were smashed by a careless driver today.
The driver of the jeep tried overtaking another car on the New Ogorode road close to Labelle Event, Sapele, Delta State, when he hit a bike man and the passenger. Instead of parking and assisting them, he accelerated and speeded away from the accident scene. Kind hearted individuals chased him until he was caught when his tire got punctured and taken back to the scene to take responsibility for his action.
One of the lady's leg is badly crushed and the bike rider also sustained serious injury. But thanks be to God, they are both alive and undergoing treatment.
This makes me remember the song of the Legendary Edna
'where you dey goooo
where you dey hurry to
do not forget say when motor jam you
you nor go reach where you dey go
so make you dey look well before you cross'.

In this case, there's need to be patient and checked properly before overtaking. The rush will get you no where but into trouble (s). When that happens the place you needed to hurriedly be will have to wait. And when we hurt someone, take responsibility for your actions. I do understand the fear of being leashed but if your attitude do not warrant it, I believe no one will be that crazy to bounce on you. Basically, all ills of life can be avoided with more carefulness in whatever we do. And never forget to commit your day and night unto God's hands because  He is the one to guide and guard you from all evils.

Be watchful and be careful!

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