Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Lord’s Word as the World Sword.

I’ve got some pastoral insights to share with you today on studying of God’s word. The quickest way to depend on what fate throws at you is lack of faith in the Lord, Roman 10:17. It is important you keep your heart filled with His word to overcome the challenges of the world. You do know what you can do for yourself or do by yourself counts more than all what others have done or will do for you, including your pastor. When you get to master the art of studying God’s word (bible) whatever was designed to stop you will become your ladder to the top. Ask our Lord Jesus tonight about His crucifixion.

“It is how much of God’s word you generate into your spirit man that determines your level in the school of signs and wonders. Moses and Elijah parted the sea and walked through but when Jesus came, He ignored the mystery of parting the sea, He walked on the sea.” Your existence as a Christian shouldn’t be depended on what people believe is your fate but on the renewal of your mind via the word of God. You don’t go to the battle field without a weapon because every battle is fought with weapon(s). Also, have it in mind you must know how to wedge whatever weapon you’re holding. The good news is; there’s no greater sword than the Lord’s word. Hence, you need to serve yourself with it daily, chew properly, swollen and spike it at the devil when he comes with the world challenges. He will be blinded by it.
“If you only understood how they studied you to break you, steal from you, lie on you, isolate you, come against you, compete with you and more, you would understand the magnitude of God's POWER through His Word that has kept you alive and not broken.” The devil knows the potency of the word, that’s why he has successfully distracted many from knowing more. I don’t have to start mentioning his decisive methods of the world pleasures which generates pressure to acquire and keep in pursuit of having to succeed by all means instead of focusing on the only means of success without pressure (God’s word; the bible) Deuteronomy 8:18. The word enables you to understand the enemy tactics to bring you to your knees. And if they succeed, do remember that’s the best position to take in spending time with God, just remember to drag His word with you and you’ll emerge on top of the world’s entire crisis.
Well, I’ll let you ponder on those few words and I pray you get to truly understand “The word of the Lord is the sword for the world”. Cheers!

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