Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The need to be Receptive of others Perspective Views.

"ife is basically about Perception. Things are to us the way we perceive them to be/what we say they are, and that has nothing to do with the way they actually are!" here’s a possibility; a hundred people could have a hundred perceptions about a thing. If you doubt it, try telling a story to five different people and ask them what they think? I believe hardly will they give the same answer. Even when they do, it is not going to be the same way they will explain it to you. 

The impression about a thing or person could be right or wrong depends on our perception. The world today is becoming a confused entity because of how our perceptions differ as a people, nation and continent. My view has to be understood by you and your view has to be understood by me. When I believe mine is superior, you too believe yours should be superior. The chaotic nature of a nation becomes as a result of the tangled perceptions that we are spending time to loosen instead of building beings that will be well meaningful to the future generations. What exactly am I writing about? My perception of things in this nation presently. What is yours? Maybe we could find the loop holes to marry them for suitability and stability.

In a previous post, you read what Frank Zappa: “The human mind is like a parachute; it only functions when it's open.” The rigidity of our perception is the course of most argumentative issues that has broken families, nations and breaking the world today. Even the sovereign and Almighty Jehovah is only limited to who we perceive Him to be/what we think He's able to do. Our mind needs to be opened to be receptive to others perception. Which though differs could be positively harnessed together to generate a stronger bond. Find understanding in the midst of a misunderstanding; make sense of every nonsense; fuse every confusion; fight for the right course and live to leave imprints that can be deepened or broadened to make the world a better place. It is never about what you and I think or will think (perception) but the nature of Almighty God, who’s love and still remains faithful in love towards us all. Let’s make His love worthwhile.
I do understand the state of our nation with the labour strike, hence, the need to stay on our knees and keep praying for understanding between all Para sector. Although, I will need to sit to do that because the heels strain sprained my ankles. No joke, I would have found a better balance if I wasn’t on heels.
And my wonderful colleagues took their rime to enjoy a good laugh before telling me sorry. Hmm! I didn’t even still get the pity party when I got home either. Because, they believe they’ve warned me enough on the need to cut low on the heels. Well, no one needs to tell me for the next six months. Be warned ladies, the heels strain could sprain the ankles.

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