Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Need to Review Others Views before Making Decisions.

If every man is to react to situations based on their perception (feelings) at all time, the world will be a chaotic place. There are many times one has been proven wrong by their feelings. You do know, not everyone thinks or feels like you. It is rare to have people react the same way to incidents or situation. Now, I am not talking about organised reaction in terms of protest against injustice. Even then, some do it with good intentions and others to create more havoc. It still bores down to the reflection of differences in our lives.

"Don't follow your feelings. Let your feelings follow you. Don't act how you feel. Act how you want to feel".  Hence, it is important not to assume you know the answer to a question you’ve not asked just because you feel that’s how it will be. Remember that your feeling is ‘will be’ not ‘it is’.
The mind, which is the steering wheel of the heart where all feelings bombard on regular bases, is also regularly being bombarded with knowledge.  If not properly managed there will be a stampede which will lead to losing all reasons and becoming irrational. Hence, information should be properly managed through understanding of different views. The fragile nature of the heart makes it break easily. Hence the mind is the field of reliability where decisions can be rationally taken. Have you ever had a reason to ask someone this question ‘have you lost your mind’? If you have, then you know you only asked that when the person behave in an improper manner. Let’s be careful, so we don’t get to be asked such questions.
Staying rational enables one to avoid making mistakes or saying the wrong word. Remember, a spoken word can’t be taken back. Life will be a whole lot easier if we always give a second thought to everything, ask questions and be sure and reassured before making decisions. You can't always be right or wrong but you can always be fair by reviewing others views about a situation before reacting. Never forget; not everyone thinks like you.

In addition, Read through Reno Omokri Saturday Nuggets on twitter, it's quite powerful, hence I thought to share.

No matter how many people try outsmart you in life, you'll always defeat them if you outpray, outgive and outwork them
Don't spend your time. Invest your time. Instead of spending time watching TV, invest it reading books that inspire
The first consultation you should make when you wake each day is to consult with God in prayer not your phone
No matter how good their plan, dont live up to other people's expectation of you. Live life to your own expectations
When you wake up from sleep, don't wait to see what your mood will be. Tell yourself what mood you want and act it out
Preemptively attack satan. Don't wait for him to attack your mind with negative thoughts. Attack him with positive words
Don't follow your feelings. Let your feelings follow you. Don't act how you feel. Act how you want to feel
Treat your wife like your phone. Always check up on her and play with her. Your marriage will be as great as your phone
Many people see opportunity, while few seize it. Those who just see opportunity end up working for those who seize it.
If you do something bad at 3AM your enemies will hear about it but they won't hear the good you do in broad daylight
If you do something bad at 3AM your enemies will hear about it but they won't hear the good you do in broad daylight


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