Thursday, May 05, 2016

The Possibility of a Man's Gentility becoming a Woman Weapon of Brutality.

Almost on daily basis, there are articles and books being written, lectures being given and programs organised to empower and fight for women’s right. Yet, some women aren’t any wiser in forging better relationship with their men or the society at large. I have come to realise these fights are gradually building traits of arrogance in some of the women, with the believe they are untouchable and the men will be punished for it. They forget, the pain will be bored by them.

We live in a society that greatly frowns at domestic violence and all manners of abuse. And the men aren’t making things easier with the terrible acts one get to read about. I am wondering if anyone is giving a thought to the demons that must have prompted any man to act in such manners, which are usually possessed by the women sometimes. And writing articles, books or organising programs to provide means of control in great numbers to help the men just as it is being done for the women. It is of paramount importance when fighting abuse; women should be cautioned and learn not to brandish their mouth as knife or any form of weapon to avoid being a victim. That should be the target. Avoidance of such incident that will make anyone a victim or culprit (abuser).
Men of course are supposed to be stronger and less emotional, but that doesn't mean they do not need help.  There are men, who loves their women and are ready to do just about anything to make them happy. Their gentility became the means of brutally making outrageous demands which landed some in jail. The women cravings, threats of quitting and the men zeal to fulfil them became their undoing. In such cases, no one is crying abuse or writing books to empower anyone. This dealing with relationship crisis focus is too one sided. Actually, the era of women are the weaker vessels is gradually becoming extinct because there are practically nothing a man can do that a woman hasn’t tried or probably done better.

Several cases have revealed that the reasons why there are problems in relationship has nothing to do with internal but external influence. God couldn’t have made relationship any simpler and easier than it is already in terms of marriage as it is in Ephesians 5:33 and Galatians 5: 25-29;  husband love your wife and wife respect your husband. But some women will rather listen to the ill advice of others than obeying the scripture. By the way, the fact the person giving the advice is your mother doesn’t make it right if it is for you to disrespect your husband.
Basically, when crying foul about relationship issues, someone should think and focus on the men side of the story and help also, in teaching to them a way to control themselves when their gentility becomes a woman’s means of brutality. No one is ever too strong to learn a new skill to become stronger and better. It is the duty of both partners to make their relationship work.

Enjoy the best of the day! And do remember I care and keeping you in my prayers. Be kind to do so for me, our nation and her people's peace and safety. Cheers!

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