Wednesday, May 04, 2016

The Road Greased with Ease Destination.

Hello, I hope you had a very beautiful night and have awakened to the beauty the Lord has in store for you today. Going through the morning devotional booklet ‘Our Daily Manner’ I decided to become one of those people that shares with you some really uplifting write ups. I know you will experience more uplifting if you do get one for yourself (that's if you don't have any). All the same, be sure to read some day’s message here.

"Topic: Keep Moving: Consider the Bee

Basic Scripture: Proverbs 10:1-10.

Consider the bee that makes the honey. It does not hang around the bee hive. The road to failure is greased with the slime of indifference. Some work out the future, while others just waste away the time. Never has a man who lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering. Most of our troubles arise from DISCOURAGEMENT, procrastination or idleness. Resist the control of the flesh and you will grab a wind fall of divine touch. You will look younger this year as you diligently pursue your assignment with fresh diligence.

No one ever climbed a hill just by looking at it. Just over the hill is a beautiful valley but you must climb the hill to see it. Ambition never gets anywhere until it forms partnership with work. No dream becomes true until you wake up and make it work. You have tasted glory and riches before, but you will taste greater glory this year! The secret of success and winning is sweat. Faith may move mountain but hard work can put a tunnel (road) through that mountain.

Be more diligent even when Satan shoots arrows of discouragement into your soul! Poverty and riches are deceitful! None is permanent! So, you must keep working against all odds. Living is frustration without working beyond your potentials. Let God use today’s devotional to challenge you again in this second quarter of the year because if you are so sweet the ants will show up. Beware! If you don’t work hard, you will live hard. Reject that! Reject discouragement, self pity and depression! Keep moving and always consider the bee!"

As written by Bishop (DR) Chris E. Kwakpovwe.

I believe from what you've read, it is important to always remember the destination of walking on the road greased with ease is poverty and death, Proverbs 24:33-34. So, keep channelling a tunnel through every mountain as Faith keeps you focus on God. Of course we are here to share your joys and pray with you when the devil tries to steal them from you. Stay in touch and do have the most fruits bearing day. Cheers!

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