Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Trends of Friends.

One of the most difficult relationships to make and maintain is ‘friendship’ because selfishness has eaten deep into the lives of many. The world we live in today, one can afford to be friendly with everyone but not friends with everyone. The duties of friends are easily transferrable because of lack of depth. Most times it is nothing more than hanging out, having fun and talking about everything except ways to improve life. Hence, you see people discard such relationship with ease and over trivia issues such as misunderstanding their differences.  

Relationships in any form should be give and take, they say. However there are few who are ready to give and give without expecting anything in return and also some, that are ready to take and keep taking with no shame even when they can afford to be the one doing the giving. They rather prefer to misuse or misinterpret the slogan “what are friends for if not for the inconveniences”. Now, try considering what are friends for if not for the love they share.
Let’s learn these from the irreplaceable friendship of David and Jonathan in 1 Samuel 18.
-        Never consider what you do for a friend as debt and what they might do for you when they are in position to help might not be in the same magnitude. What should matter is that, you are there for each other when the need arises.

-      Friendship isn’t base on class but on the ability to relate.

-        Never forget how yesterday was, learn to appreciate today and look forward to where tomorrow is leading you to.
If you read through the entire story of David, he didn’t share such relationship with no other again. He couldn’t do anything to help Jonathan until he had the opportunity to show kindness to the house of Saul because of Jonathan’s kindness 2 Samuel 9:1-13.
Many people have abandoned long time friendship because they climbed higher the ladder of success even those that helped them get there. However, no one knows where the wind is blowing us to tomorrow or the ship is sailing. Be careful, it is easy for you to make friends but never easy to share a bond. I wonder if we can still find the likes of David and Jonathan in this present generation. Between two people one might be selfish and the other selfless but with time they learn to balance both of these attitude for the sustenance of their relationship if considered valuable. In essence, the value one attach to that friendship is what will determine how long it will last and how beautiful it will be.  
This post is dedicated to all friends that have been there for each other despite the misgiving and misunderstanding, helping to settle unsettling issues and providing lean on shoulders. May God continue to uplift everyone and give grace to help each other in the race of life. Cheers!

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