Sunday, May 08, 2016

The Wealth of Knowledge for Sound Health.

Good morning everyone and I hope you’re on your way to church or you’re already there or getting ready to be because God sure deserves to be worshipped by you and me. And you do know even if you don’t, He’s capable of raising the stones to do that. So, count it a privilege to give Him praise. I thought to just check some information online  this morning when I came across Femi Jacobs life turning tweets on his page. Please do read through them after the cut. He’s a wealth of knowledge that you can’t afford to shut the door against.

“Make your heart a guarded city. What you don't want to see multiplied in your life, make sure the seed isn't entertained in your heart. What you dwell upon will soon dwell with you because THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS.

Don't let those who don't know your journey judge your speed.

Every thought you habitually entertain will create its realities in your life.

An industry is not a place where people blow air up each other's apertures. That's a club.

People package fluff and call it business.

Simply grateful to be here. Crooked places will be made straight. Amen.

You're perfect for your purpose, the product of an intentional designer. You have been framed for goodness. Yasss!!!

No matter how many people hiss out of a high end store, it doesn't change the prices of its merchandise.

My interpretation- place good value on yourself.. Not everybody should be able to afford( I don't mean money) you.

Often times, people know what the answers to what they are going through are, but they are scared of accepting it – Ikuenobe

Being disliked never kills you. The ones you really need wisdom for are those ones who pretend like they care.

True, But that's if you internalize people's hate. You have to accept that it is alright to be misunderstood. Live.

Don’t become a clone of someone they like so they can like you too.

You have no reason to hide what you've been through, absolutely no reason to gloss over your edges in false painting. God is awesome.

He is the Master Conductor of your life's orchestra, the Arranger of complex, rigorous symphonies.

God is using you NOW, in ways you can't even begin to imagine. Your drama, the issues, the struggles, the pains! Yes. Be peaceful.

He is glorified always. Through the rough valleys and lofty mountains. Our scars are no less useful than our stars. This is God is awesome.

He is craftily eloquent. Will the Maker of speech fail to speak? The truth is enough. Just live it. Let Him do His PR.

The universe effortlessly reflects His glorious mind. He needs no help from man. Our desperation 2 crop things out actually mess things up.

Don't "help" God to be glorified. He needs no help. No doctored testimonies, no half truths, no forced "miracle". God is sufficient.

As written by Femi Jacobs.

Follow him on twitter and Instagram. You sure will get to thank me later.

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