Saturday, May 21, 2016

To those who Shun Church because of Offense.

Recently, I read a question: "what about the so-called 'Heavenly Race?" Many people forget they go to church to seek salvation for themselves and in some cases for others. I have seen people abandon their church or a branch of their ministry to another because of offense(s). How long will you let the devil use such tricks to keep you and your blessings far apart. Oh! you don't think it's got nothing to do with the devil? Sorry to disappoint you, it does. Because, we have been instructed to forgive in Matthew 18:22.

What your pastor or church member did wrong or right isn't what the race is about but what the word of the Lord; His instruction which we have been admonished in Joshua 1:8, Isaiah 1:19, Job 36:11 to be obedient ito, norder to be blessed. Until you let go of all offenses, (even the ones that involves your dislike towards the way church money is being spent) all your resources will be in the devil's fence. God got a blessing with your name on it, break loose! break free!! Let no offense hold you down. Go to church and shun the devil back to hell! You've got what it takes.

And remember to pray for the peace of Nigeria at all time. Love you greatly and thanks for being here.

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