Monday, May 02, 2016

Trick to Slick Living.

Happy holiday! Hope you had fun? Well, the day is almost coming to an end and tomorrow brings us a new day to work to earn a living. However, as much as it is important to pursue money, wisdom demands we do it correctly and slow down enough to analyse the path we're tolling to get money because life is not just about making money but living life itself.

Over time, I have heard the wise words that the trick to a slick life is knowing that wisdom is the right application of knowledge. Whatever knowledge acquired from home, school and the society should be made useful at all time. That will help you to avoid the numerous regrets that might piled up in the shortest of time. The difference between foolish and wise decision is knowing what to do and doing it right. You won't run into debts if you manage to live within your limits. You know this, so live it and your relationship won't be miserable if only you can learn to love and respect each other..... Such and such common knowledge should always be remembered and applied.

This beautiful day, I have very few knowledgeable words of inspiration which I hope you'll give a thought to after reading.

"- Your dreams are not big  enough if people don't laugh at them. Don't give up on them.
- Never lose focus even when people criticise you, know that you can't impress everyone
-If the whole world turns against you and you know you are right don't worry, stick with God, He's enough
- One is never old enough to tirelessly work to carter for his family. If not in works but in words of wisdom. (The words of the elders to us)."


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