Sunday, May 08, 2016

What Instil in a New Born Instinct to Trust the Mother?

All day, I have been wondering about what to write to mark today’s mother’s day celebration and nothing just seems to find its way to the brain until now.  Have you ever wondered about the unique bond shared by a mother and her new born child especially the new born that feels comforted whenever his or her mother gets to hold him or her? If you do, then you realise nature cannot be cheated. Welcome to our world.

For nine months we all know a mother and child is bonded together. If anything goes wrong with the child it affects the mother and vice versa. The mother nurture and the child relish in it. And the protective instinct is set in place. Funny enough, the foetus does know how to make demands. I learned that from family and friends long ago. Pregnant women (some)develop terrible taste (long throat lol!) that, they hardly can resist. A pregnant woman had once asked to join a store owner in eating during a shopping spree for the baby. The elderly woman understood and quickly gave the plate of food to her but upon realising what she had done, she managed to take a spoon and told the woman she was satisfied. Another pregnant woman husband’s was forced to be attending parties every Saturday just to get rice because the wife had insisted she only wants to eat party rice. It doesn’t matter if they can afford to cook one for themselves, lol!
There are the ones that will tell you they want to drink tea before you’re through making tea, it is then rice. Yeah, all the change is as a result of the Landlord (baby)detecting its likes and dislikes. And the mother will go to any length to satisfy each craving. Now, give the children some credit because there's no way one can stay for months inside another's body without being able to recognise them, lol! And when they are born, the bond is not broken but has been re-affirmed. And the demands continue in feeding. This strengthened the unique bond shared. And the recognition through voice, feeling comes naturally until the child can facially identify the mother.  

Through the various stages, the mother derives joy in it all. Even those that think they do not want a child get to change their minds as it grows in them. What a beautiful world mothers create by giving birth to every child. Do not worry about the devices that get to affect many as they grow up, because the world still remain beautiful as the Lord keeps keeping us in his bosom. So, what do you think instil in a new born instinct to trust the mother?
Happy Mother’s day to all mothers and potential mothers. Greater shall the years ahead be. Cheers!!!

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