Monday, May 23, 2016

When you need a Stitch in the Niche to Win.

That moment you get greatly inspired to go in pursue of a goal, yet, can’t find the motion or zeal you need to accelerate and procrastination becomes your first name, then, you do know there’s a slit in that goal that need to be stitched. This can be likened to the reason why America suffered severely in the hands of Vietnam during their deadly war.

Let me share some of the words of Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe from the daily devotional (Our Daily Manner) on April 28th  titled: LEARN FROM THE AMERICAN: GOOD-LY BUT NOT GOD-LY with scripture reading from 1 Samuel 6:1-7, the revelation about it will astonish you.
During the war, the resilience of the Vietnamese shocked the world but historians and military experts later discovered why the great American nation was nearly subdued by a determined Vietnam. Until the Americans discovered that North Vietnam was landmine infested, American soldiers perished in droves for stepping on LANDMINES all through their engagement in Vietnam between 1964 and 1975 when they finally pulled out all the remaining soldiers from Vietnamese territory. Why then was this war disgraceful to Americans? Catch the reason: FAULTY INTERLLIGENCE! They paid dearly for that error. Zeal without knowledge is dangerous!
Same error was what led to Uzzah death in 2 Samuel 6:6-7. Uzzah displayed zeal for God but it was without knowledge – he had faulty divine intelligence! Remember what God commanded Moses? Only Levites were permitted to come near and touch the ark of God. Uzzah was not one! Only Aaron and his descendants had the divine mandate to touch the ark of God. Even though what Uzzah wanted to do was ‘good,’ it was not godly. Something can be ‘goodly’ but not ‘godly’. Examine your steps as you go through life. Not all that glitters is gold. A good thing done at the wrong time or outside divine mandate can become your DISGRACE LAND. It is a good thing before God that a man is zealous in a good thing, BUT, that ‘good thing’ must be divinely approved. Do not rush into any endeavour, no matter how good it seems or how great the gain will be. Seek knowledge (gather information, get to know what you need to know)! Seek His will! Seek divine intelligence and be STILL. That's how you get to see God's glory, Exodus 14:13.

Do have fruits bearing week and stay focus, God got not just your back but He surrounds you with His presences. Cheers! 

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