Wednesday, June 01, 2016

A Round up of Sound Words.

-         A day is made up of hours of light and darkness. Choose  wisely when to be       relevant because it will determine your value placement.

-         When a man says I turned deaf ears, it doesn't mean he has not heard the spoken words.

-     The chains holding you down can become your anchor. Turn it around.

-         The truth is bitter enough, you don’t have to serve it with bitter approach too.

-         Lies create the most beautiful image until water is thrown on it.

-         The angle at which you view a matter will help you understand if it is the truth or       a  lie.

 -         Not every mountain you’re met to climb, learn to spread your wings and fly.

-         When you lose the will to fight, the enemy will defeat you completely.

-         Each moment of life counts until the recount becomes a teary one.

-         The fulfilment of your destiny lies in your ability to live above the lies of the devil.




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