Monday, June 06, 2016

A Period to let Praying Time Surpass Playing Time.

Monday morning it is! I’ll like to share my experience last night with you. If you have been following this blog from onset you’ll know about the various metamorphic stages it had to go through until we settled for the original and true purpose of it. And I am learning to walk the path as the Lord paves the way. About last night:  

I woke up early hours of the morning a little bit shaken because I woke up from a prayer session in my dream. We all know the instability of the world we live in today and the ills of life unfolding every day. No one knows what to expect. But we do know we need the Lord to shepherd His people from the wickedness of today’s world. Hence, I am going to share the prayer points  from my dream with you. We have to quit playing for praying. Even if we have been praying we have to do more of it now. Not for ourselves alone but everyone in the body of Christ. Denomination shouldn’t be an issue because we are one body in Christ Jesus.
Prayer Points and scripture anchor as dreamt:
Jeremiah 3:37; Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not?
-         Lord destroy every weapon formed against me.

-         Lord give me grace to live a very long and prosperous life
-         Lord speak against those that speak against my destiny. Cause them to be swallowed up by their evil words.
Well, I wasn’t alone praying for myself but in the midst of others praying for someone and the others. Let’s get to do same today. Be kind to pray for someone, everyone, our nation and the world at large. I believe someone will be returning the favour too.
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Have fruits bearing day and week. Cheers!

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