Saturday, June 25, 2016

Cut the Shoot from Stubborn Roots.

Many times, one can’t get to the root of a problem without digging up and cutting the shoot which is holding the root firmly in place. Between pride and stubbornness, it is difficult to term which is the root and which is the shoot. However, I wonder if I might be right to say every human has got a trait of stubbornness which shoots from pride?
Many times broken relationships amongst family, friends and couples because of irreconcilable differences is based on sheer stubbornness which has gotten everyone involve too worked up to be reasonable. A tired man lacks the ability to think properly and the easiest way to get into such a fit is using good energy in resisting reasonability. 

An irreconcilable difference is another way of saying ‘I can’t be wrong or I am too big to apologise or too wounded to accept apology’. Too many times, people dig in their heels too deep into irrelevant issues that they find it difficult to pull out when relevant issues arise. My elder sister and I share one principle; always apologise whether right or wrong just for your own peace of mind. Before you know it, everyone ends up apologising for everyone offenses.
Of course, you should know one moment of wrong doing could spoil moments of right doings over time. People are quicker at capitalising on hurt (pain) than remembering the act of kindness and love shown to them. I watched an American movie titled: ‘The Vow’ and the main art discovered her father’s infidelity with her friend. She felt betrayed especially when she discovered her mother knew about it. She lashed out at her and asked why she still stayed with him? She replied; she chose to stay because of the all the things he has done right instead of leaving because of this one thing he did wrong. Yeah! That's the real deal.
Cutting the Shoot from Stubborn Roots.
Blank out: What are life issues or pains to dwell so much on when death is always lurking somewhere. Sometime holding on to our hurt helps us build up a great wall of self defense and destroy that of co-existence. We must live together and because of our imperfection get in and out of each other way. Blank out of the mind the pain of yesterday on daily basis so that you dwell on the joy of today and enjoy the beauty tomorrow has stored up.  Philippians 4:8; Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Use your ability: Sometimes, you’re stubborn to let go and forgive or apologise because you think it will make you appear the tougher one. In essence, your emotions are taking charge of you. However, being tough is being able to take charge of your emotion and reasonably make decisions. The more you dwell on pain, the greater the anger not only towards who hurt  you but the world. It’ll get you know where so, Use your ability and learn self control, take charge of your emotions and even when you don't feel like it, apologise and forgive.

Quit the competition: Life is no competition because we are not the determinant of who sleeps and wake up in the morning or when to be born. If we are, our stubbornness would have killed us long before those we are resisting. Too many times, we are too stubborn to yield to corrections, to accept the truth and be flexible. This usually distant us from family and loved ones and no matter the numbers of time you say ‘it doesn’t matter,' it still does. Quit the competitive nature. It doesn’t matter who have to loosen up and make amends. You sure can be tough enough to love and forgive people even when they do not deserve it.
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