Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Depressive Mood Repressive Measures while Seeking for Help.

Many times depression creeps up on one without notice. It usually begins with what we call mood swing. Some people mood changes faster than the colour of Chameleon blending into his surroundings. They can easily compete with lightening flash. One second of pure bliss and another of ache according to their experience.

However, many do not view it as a sickness until they are unable to handle their emotions and keep up with the mood swing. In such situations, transfer of aggression becomes a serious problem. And family and friends begin to tip toe around such an individual since no can tell when the sparks will strike. It is usually an issue when the person is faced with challenging or difficulties issues in life.
You might have heard about the words ‘don’t push me to the wall’. Yeah! Not everyone can bounce back when they are pressed against a wall with no escape route available. The mind is gripped with fear, panic set in and the blind thrashing at anything or anyone is in motion. Emotional trauma which is  also caused by relationship crisis can push many to the wall of heart ache and pain.
In some cases, the individual begins to lose self value and prefer his or her company. Such withdrawal into shell makes the mind a captive of its own thought which is usually not pleasant. Because pleasant thoughts with bring about pleasant appearance. This is not to be the case.
In our country, I must say there has been too many cases of suicide over broken relationships as being reported by media and there’s need to start taking the issue of depression serious and providing medical help to those involve. Even set up seminars so that people will know when they are becoming depressed or handle their emotions. That is, to find a way to bounce back when pushed to the wall. Especially with the high level of moral and economic decays.
However, this can help you repress your depressive mood until you find help. Which I advice you go for sooner than later.
Blow it out: Too many people are living in denial, suffering in silence or pure ignorance of what they are truly dealing with when their mood begins to swing too high and fast to keep up with the push. Whatever situation you find yourself, there should always be someone you can trust and confide in. I know back biting is also a serious issue but there’s always someone that will care enough to share your problem and help you realise a problem shared is half solved. Find such a one and don’t just pour out your pain, blow it out. It will lighten the weight. Basically, whatever you’re going through in life seek for help.
Find something of interest: Interest gives the mind rest from whatever is making one depress. You lost your job, failed in a business venture or sustained a broken heart? Whatever, the case might be. Develop a fresh interest to refresh the mind.
Hit the hard nail: Try hard enough to have faith in your tomorrow. Because, one of the easiest way to lose the battle of depression is the feeling of hopelessness. Immediately one loses pleasure to live, he or she becomes suicidal. Finding pleasure in a unpleasant situation is difficult but we are to determine our view and response towards such situation. Choose to hit the difficult nail and get a firm hold on tomorrow joys.

Never forget to ask God for help Proverb 21:1.
It is very important as family members or friends to be aware of each other emotional changes. Let’s be able to shoulder each other weights when there’s need to. And I hope many will start taking serious these emotional issues and seek for professional help. If you do care to seek for one, I can help make some good recommendation, just send in your request to onopinkjournal@gmail.com. Cheers!

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