Friday, June 10, 2016 When Love gets to Rove

Hello, it's about time we put up post to lighten up your mood and have something to chew on.

So, a primary schoolmate of mine once said to me during his sister’s wedding that majority of people do not get to marry their true love because love today gets to rove depending on what’s being offered.

He said "most of the men might end up losing their true love to the man who’s ready and offering marriage (actually, I have witnessed several of such too). Many ladies do not have the patience to wait until their true love is financially stable to pay the dowry, hence they prefer to work with the saying; “Love who you marry and do not marry who you love”. And who can fault their decision? Definitely not the people that make up the present society who keeps pressurising people into unhealthy relationship to be married so as to be considered honourable and respectable.....  Parents choice and blessings even in this modern age still goes a long way in bringing to an end true relationships of love".

To a large extent, I was forced to agree with him. Because the true definition of love today is dependent on what can be gotten than can be given. I stand to be corrected anyway. When love gets to rove, it loses its true value. Don’t you wonder how couple profess undying love to each other at the beginning of their relationship and how they cannot live with each other. Well, they do when love gets to rove to the next target over some life issues which sometimes are mere excuses to take a walk. Hmm! Now this post is getting too serious for a Lol! Straight to the point we go *winks* and that’s to ask; what will you do when your true love get to rove?  and to what extent do you agree that many people do not get to marry their true love.....
Have a blissful weekend. Cheers!

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