Monday, June 06, 2016

Get Reformed: The Story Behind the Glory of Pastor Paul & Ifeayin Adefarasin.

The story I was told about this couple is completely different from what I am sharing today. And was I surprised, actually yes because both stories are completely worlds apart. Before now, I was told Pastor Paul Adefarasin was like the prodigal son in the bible. Who squandered his parent's wealth and repented. Until now, that was the faulty K-legged story I believed. Well, I don't know what you've read before now, find out if you will need to form a new view after reading this touching epistle written by PastorToyin Jaiyeola to celebrate the couple during their marriage anniversary 3rd of June 2016.
"One of the greatest gift a man or a woman can ask for, is the gift of a good and destiny helper spouse. I celebrate my two Pastors this Morning. Pastor Paul and Ifeayin Adefarasin. I saw the beginning of this relationship where there was nothing for her to see, yet she stuck to it. There was no church but we met at Mummy Adefarasins house. A few of us crammed into her sitting room, praying from 10 pm to 7am and leaving from there to work while Pastor Paul continued till we come back again in the night to repeat the circle. I learnt to pray for hours, walking the floor.

They got married and had their first baby in a room. None of them complained.

There was no car except the two coloured one owned by mummy and the colours were not original, it was because there was no money to change the burnt Bonnet that was replaced. When they finally got a house, I had to teach our "German Oyinbo" how to use a kerosene stove, that was all they had. The fridge had a mind of its own, if you open it, you had better quickly draw your leg back or else it will land on your foot without an apology.
I saw the furniture come one by one. The only car he was finally given was sold to add to the church funds. She never complained. Money was scarce, Pastor Paul never signed a church check in his life and did not draw a salary. He had to believe God for everything Like the rest of us. We prayed for God to bring the best worship team, then Sammy came, then Biodun, then Gbenga and others.
We celebrated the first drum set like it was gold.
He had only two shirts that had more starch than cotton and he changed to both while they hold up a clothe like curtain for him. We had to spray a can of Air freshner before we could even welcome the spirit of God because of the stench of beer. We moved to Muson by faith, fasting to pay the N7000.00 or so that we were billed for. There was no family wealth, everything was prayed for.
We knew most of what he had because every time someone gives him a shoe or tie, he will tell the whole church to thank God.
He taught us to value God. He will do anything to give God the best and this is seen in the quality of instruments he bought believing that God deserved the best.
We learned to share Donuts as we share the word in the kitchen at Dolphin, yet he looked like a made man because God showers you with his glory while he processes you in secret.
We learnt to fast while some people like Pst Goke insisted that " Boli" was fruit and were punished with more days added to their fast.
We kept on going by faith. We thanked God for every bit of blessings.
We should be careful to think that every man of God had it easy. Some still have integrity.
Truly, I salute Pastor Ifeayin, a true woman of God. Contented and humble, submitting and teachable, never demanding. A true help meet indeed, I wish many ladies were like you.
I salute Pastor Paul, a man with a very tender heart before God, excellent and God fearing. May the Lord bless you both. And for all the Aaron's and Hurs that helped them this many years, may you not lose your reward for those called into Ministry, let God make you.
To the ladies, the rough and unattractive stone is actually the best Diamond in hiding.
God will also do it for you no matter what the situation is right now.
God bless you both".
There you have it. The present sure holds the untold stories of the past.

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