Monday, June 20, 2016

Leap over the Heap.

Life they say is in phases and the higher you go, the greater the task. At every phase, there will be challenges that might be considered insurmountable if one fails to realise the higher climb is a greater task, that needs greater effort to excel.

Life phases can be likened to the hurdles race which takes more stamina and strength compared to other forms of race. You run and leap over every hurdle along the way to the finish line depending on the metres. One is only disqualified if he or she intentionally knocks out any hurdle which is to be determined by the referee. No matter how difficult, a hurdler cannot run around a hurdle. He or she must clear each hurdle by leaping over it. No easy way out.
Everyone might have the stamina to run this race but not everyone will be willing to try. The greatest heap a man needs to leap over in the various phases of life is reluctance to try and put into use acquired knowledge and skills. Too many people are way stronger and more intelligent than they know or care to admit because they have refused to give themselves a chance. Fear to venture out has kept them rooted in one spot.
Many times, the heap before us is only there to block our visual from seeing the beauty that lies on the other side. Walking around it might only heighten one’s level of apprehension. Just leap over. Remember when Queen Esther had to make a die or live (death or life) decision to save her kinsmen in Esther 4:15, she had to leap over her fear undermining what lies in store. She decided to focus on what God can do instead of what the law says. Of course, death couldn’t hold her or her people because her leap took her higher and above the target.
When you chose to leap, you’re bound to get to greater height and farther than target. Stop walking or running, because it is easier for others to keep up with you including your enemies than when you leap. Haman definitely couldn’t and he didn’t live to testify about it Esther 7. Reluctance to leap over fear as engineered by the devil is what causes the delay of the manifestation of destiny.

In this modern time, if one sees a blockage on the road when traveling and stops to remove, they get robbed or kidnapped. So are the various challenges placed before many people. They are there to rob one of his or her destiny. So, you don't stop to consider them, you just leap over it. 
It is easier to carry heavy weight such as unbelief when walking around life challenges. It gives you more time to think, be logical and consider the circumstances as normal. A leap over that heap might be insurmountable but those that know their God don’t do normal circumstances, they deal with supernatural circumstances. And when you need to leap, it is easier to discard such weights and just trust God.

Oh! A leap is a very good way to take the enemy unaware of your move and plan towards your success story. Before they will have the time to either gossip or hinder you, you are far ahead and above already.
Remember, they are most unwilling to take the risk of leaping when they cannot ascertain their landing position. Unlike you, even when you’re uncertain of the landing position, your Guard, our father in heaven is very certain as stated in Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end..
Now, it is left for you to think supernaturally and look over the normal circumstances. Because normal circumstances will keep you walking in circles but supernatural circumstances will keep you high and above every challenges across your path in life. Have fruits bearing day and week and never cease to pray for the peace of this nation. Cheers!


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