Friday, June 10, 2016

Lol! 9-Year-Old Atypic Answer to Assignment is Epic!.

This is absolutely hilarious! Well, the child just want to be herself. Afterall, she's not going to get paid being someone else.

Assignment: If you could be anyone of your classmates, who would you be and why?

 Student's Answer as seen in the photo above: I would not want to be any of my classmates because all of my classmates have too much friends. I would not like hanging out with friends all the time because if I have lots of friends, I'll have to deal with lots of problems. I would never want to be someone else, that's not me. If I have to be someone else for one trillion dollars then I would do it but if you're not paying me I'm not doing it. I would want to stay myself and nobody else.

What about you.. will you want to be paid to be some else? if yes, name your price.


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