Saturday, June 11, 2016

Men’s Attitude that Rectitude Ladies Consider Repellent.

Ladies: Will the above method as portrayed in the photo above and the one after the cut work for you? It is the in-thing on social media these days. I believe, this wrong notion has developed because men probably are of the opinion everywoman will first run after glitters before bothering to check if the sparkles are real. That’s if they do care.

Men are sure getting it wrong to generalise every woman on and out of social media to be easy target/prey. How they seems to forget that the fruit with the most succulent juice can be found on the farthest part of a tree,  shows how short sighted today’s men have become. Of course, there are always exceptions.
My dear gentlemen there are still rectitude ladies. Not every woman cares about glitters. Some prefer to polish rusted iron until they glint. You do not have to throw your success, achievement or wealth to win over a lady. Because, I promise you; you’ll lose her when those things are no more available. Besides, only ill gotten wealth that is easily thrown away or spent on irrelevant ventures. This will definitely not last. Ladies beware! The wealth being splashed on you might cause you your health or life. This is the world we live in today. A race after glitters will end in the gutters.
So, gentlemen; try simple and normal conversation with the lady of your interest first before the achievement. Her manners will tell you if it will be of importance to her. If it is,  then you should reconsider. Of course those that want nothing but plain ‘sex’ won't bother (many times, I weep for every woman that allows herself to be threated in such manners for material possessions). Or else, make sure you have it in mind that in the midst of rottenness, some sweetness can still be found if you take time to search the right place.
I do know, the right place in terms of our physical environment might not be right afterall, the devil still goes to church and a pastor might end up marrying the devil himself. But your heart as propelled by the Spirit of the Lord John 14:26 (Oops! I guess you didn’t expect us to get to this point *winks*) will guide you right if your intentions are right, not base on the flesh but godly.
May grace speak for us at all time. Cheers!

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