Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Take the Dirt Load from the Road!

In every relationship, I have been told everyone has got their excesses. Some, they come with into the relationship, others they develop in the relationship. Having these excesses isn’t an issue until it begins to impale the ease of relating. Because, whatever you drag along will slow down your progress that which you carry will weigh you down.

Have you ever tried walking on a road filled with dirt especially the baggage spilling on the walk way? Although, you expect people to be wise or civilised enough not to dispose dirt in such manner, yet, their manners tell you otherwise. And all you can do is to; wriggle your nose to fend off the offensive smell and kick the dirt out of your path. Honestly, if you can help it, you’d find another route. Oh! I forgot! They are not to be blamed for creating such pollution which is hazardous to health. The system of the government or the society should be held responsible right???

Hmm! There are relationships that can easily be likened to such toxic filled roads. It is alright to have excesses but it is never alright to let someone else take responsibility for it. If they do, how long will they continue before they realise how unhealthy it is to all involved? In every relationship one must find a way to mend and blend the common behaviours and the different ones. Whatever excesses you’ve come into it with or develop for one reason or the other in that relationship needs to be taken out of the road or the walk is going to be a very sloppy and edgy. The thing about sloppiness is; the ability to slip away from your hold.
Besides, whatever you drag along will slow down your progress, that which you carry will weigh you down. Especially, if it is considered to be bigger than what you feel for each other. Imagine a truck tolling a car and  a car trying to toll a truck. You know, no progress will be made with the latter.  Countless relationship has been wrecked because of the excesses that keep hitting the road. Maybe, you talk alot, never can be wrong (Mr or Ms always right), make decisions alone especially the ones that should be taken by the people involved, way too forward, know it all....... too much of everything they say is bad. So, one must find the rake which should be understanding and acceptance to take the excess load from the road. That’s the only way to ride smoothly.
Although, the unexpected bump could be hit but same qualities (understanding and acceptance) should help ride over it. There are no toxic relationships, there are just toxic attitudes which can easily be discarded if only one accepts when corrected and understand that; togetherness can only be achieved when singleness goes into extinct. Cheers!

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