Sunday, June 05, 2016

The Battle Tour of Nature's Contour between Angelina Jolie and Nigerian Bloggers.

It has always been the battle of who wore it better or who stole which looks. Today let's take it from a different angle and look at what God naturally has blessed these women with, which is too prominent not to be noticed at first glance.

Above is a photo of blockbuster Hollywood actress; Angelina Jolie Pitt and Nigerian inspirational and beauty bloggers; Onomiroro Okeh (centre-right) and EfemenaM Scott . One thing they have in common is their prominent cheekbones. Yeah we've got the cheekbones battle, lol! So, Who's got the most prominent of all? hehehe! This comparism isn't based on statuesque but on NATURAL endowment from the Almighty. Please just take a chill pill if you feel the need to question that *winks*. And if you think yours or someone that you know has got a more prominent one please send the photo(s) to

Onomiroro and Jolie (Who wins the tour?)

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  1. Lol! not about boobs or booty Okay centre kinda bigger.