Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Mind Riot.

A feeling hard to fathom

as deep as the tomb.
With creeping silence of a grave yard
an hold of iron too hard.
A break much needed
Yet unheeded.

As empty as a blank page
Heart filled with rage
Thoughts unmanufactured
With lungs fractured
A struggle for words to say
Yet hope found no ray.

The debris needs a rake
How long will it take?
To keep the mind clean
From every unwanted pean
The fear takes a grip.
Over a stone, the foot trip.

A goal too high
weighs on the thigh.
To stay or go?
The confusion roll
a moment too long.
as the clock struck its final bong.
Too many times, words are hard to describe the state of the world today. How much it affects the lives of people. But as hard as it maybe, fear is one thing we must learn to conquer to do good and pursue our goals to better the world. That's, if you're one of those that wish to do so. Because time waits for no one. Hurry Now and cheers!

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