Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Treasures Lost in Pleasures.

The simultaneous search for pleasure and treasure has become the downhill fall of many today. A search for pleasure will lead to the lost of treasures. However, A search for treasure will lead to gaining pleasure as a bonus.  

A young girl recently missed writing an entrance examination that was postponed because she chose to browse about celebrities lifestyle on the internet instead of yielding to her father’s constant reminder to check the school website for the new date. By the time she eventually remembered to do so, the exam has been re-written. The father is still lamenting over this present generation attitude to seek for pleasure and completely forgetting to live life itself.
Pleasures and treasures can be attained but cannot be simultaneously seek for. There’s a due process. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 gives explicit explanation of how season changes.. You must first till the ground, plant, weed, let the crops grow until they are matured to be harvested. The effort you put into it will determine how great the harvest will become. And a great harvest brings pleasure. But if you chose to sell off or give out your seedlings because you hate work, it will be too late to regret when the harvest season comes.
Have you ever wondered much about the decaying educational system and morals? If you have, just do a 360 degree turn around you and you will realise some people have misplaced their priorities. A student will rather spend hours on pursuing what will give pleasure than study. Of course this is also made easy by all manners of gadgets surrounding us. Which can be considered by some as their most priced treasures. The world is becoming a merry go round. ‘Difficulty’ is a word some will chose to remove from the dictionary if the possibility of it ever arises. They tend to forget the wise saying; nothing good comes easy. Even those born with silver spoon also have to learn to keep the spoon in their mouth or risk it slipping out.
A student who spent a better part of his or her school years in studying and graduating with an excellent result will not bring pleasure to him/herself only but to everyone connected to her/him. The one that chose to party away the better part of the school years will have shame to contend with. Although, I haven't seen any research work on this assumption but I and maybe you believe that most of the people that end up wasting their lives would have excel greatly if only they had put  in alittle effort. They are the ones I consider to be the treasures lost in pleasures.
What you seek for today will determine who you’ll become tomorrow. Seek wisely. Pleasure is but for a moment but treasure is for keep for a very, very long time. May God grant us wisdom to live a fulfilling life. Cheers!

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