Thursday, July 21, 2016

Intricate Trove of Love.

Too many times people are too haste to believe they’re in love. They have this overwhelming feeling and the funny idea they must be in love hits them and the moment they voiced the words out they get to accept that as the true nature of their heart where the feelings are actually shooting from. Another relationship begins probably with another rocky end awaiting it in the nearest future.

So many times I have cause to wonder what happened to the love we thought we were deeply in with our university and to some people 'secondary' school sweethearts who are happily married to some other partners today? Somehow, it must have gone on exile or buried or it wasn’t love in the first place. You’ve got food for thought especially if you are feeling some shaking and heart warming or melting emotions right now. We get to think on the fact that love is by choice not some feelings that run you over like a truck leaving you breathless and probably lifeless if you’re unlucky...hmm!
There are people that are likely to fall in love two or more times in a year like it’s a normal thing to happen. One love relationship ends and they move to the next one, forgetting there was a time they thought they couldn’t live without each other but today, they’ve started another relationship and the proclamation of love begins.
Why is it so difficult to forgive a wrong doing in a relationship that’s supposed to deep in love? If you can get the answer then you do understand the rudiments of love more than you’re think.
The value of love is now greatly reduced to nothing but proclamation. Love is hard, a feeling that’s encased that one needs to crack open. We do know what it takes and how long it’ll take to crack a hard nut before planting and nourishing it to germinate, grow to become a full blown tree and bearing succulent fruits that’ll make one wish for nothing but more. However, what we mostly have today is a figment of what love truly is. If it comes easy it isn’t love.
Love walks the entire miles in the good, bad and ugly times. It doesn’t quit but beat the hardship of building a relationship deeply rooted in love. It is capable of forgiving anything and everything; stand strong when thronged with seemingly no escape route. Love stays true at all time and in all situation. Think about this when next you choose to fail or think you’re in love. Cheers!

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