Friday, July 01, 2016

Let the Hurt Rot!

Too often people let their feelings superimpose on their attitudes and reactions towards situations and incidents. They forget the adage of not having to cry over spilled milk and still end up wailing. Reminiscing about what should have been will only cloud your judgement about today’s turnout.

As much as the metaphoric express of been heartbroken has eaten into the sensibility of dealing with heart issues one must still remember it is humans that expresses expression. And the different ways of showing it determine how wounded or blessed we feel by others actions.  

Sometimes we get hurt by those that should be protecting us from being hurt, generating severe pains. This in most case take too long to heal, especially when one gets to understand the deliberate act of such actions. It is sometimes glaring in some heart break issues that those that hurt others, careless about the pain they’re inflicting. And sometimes too helpless to do it any other way.
It is not every relationship that comes to an end one should wail over. Some of them are just avenues to a ‘better street’ and until the wailing or reminiscing stops, the break cannot be totalled. Of course the strong factor called 'love' has got to be the reason why it is so difficult to let go of what should have been. For the sake of it many cling until they eventually loses everything including what should have been and what should be.
You determine your reaction about others actions towards you. In the case of being hurt, you’ve got to let the feeling rot or bitterness will become the aftermath of such spent emotions. No one wants to be part of such existence. With the present economic situation, there’s enough bitterness being spread to last a lifetime. Yours is a pitch on the iceberg. So, why bother? Besides, why let a man/woman know they’ve got such power to make your life miserable? Don’t you think being at anyone’s mercy but God is risky? Romans 9:16, Ecclesiastes 9:11. Remember, man lives in a world that he tends to blend into to survive. Do not mortgage your life to such a being. They can but hurt.
Basically, you should know this as written by a dear friend, Ighomrore Ofuafo; "you are stronger than you think you are. It does not matter what you are facing...a lost relationship, job, bankruptcy, foreclosure, health challenge or financial situation. You have the power in you to create it all over again from scratch. It does not matter how old you are. Do not beat yourself up. It is natural to feel sorry for yourself or feel frightened and want to give up. It does not even matter if the people that you thought would have your back have deserted you. You are still breathing. You are still here and you have the power to win.
You are more powerful than you think you are. Remind yourself of this. Stand up within yourself. Gather your mental, emotional and spiritual strength. Speak from deep within your spirit and your soul. Take back your power Say..."I will survive. I will thrive. I am coming back. Giving up is not who I am. I will stay the course, and persist until I succeed." You might have to do this while down on your knees, praying, crying, and screaming at the top of your lungs. Resist the feeling of being overwhelmed, powerless or being a victim. You will survive and thrive again!!! You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you! You will have a mega results in Jesus name".
I celebrate you and the world is waiting to do same.  Happy new months everyone and Cheers!



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