Friday, July 08, 2016

Read if your Heart Bleeds for the World.

The world silent chirm is loud enough today about the unjust act of man to another despite everyone being called ‘humans’. It is becoming glaring not everyone quite relates with the term. How does one explain the sentiment attached to outward appearance and ability is the world’s greatest unresolved puzzle.

When one becomes hopeful a move is bringing humans closer to finding solution and reconciliation despite the need to feel superior or inferior several actions bring about a dead end. One wonders if anyone will ever look down or up long enough to be able to meet each other half way in resolving this chaotic made up world.
Where does a country or continent stand? What are we fighting for or against? Who make up the various races in the world?  Atleast in the days of Martin Luther King, It was well defined. Freedom and no more black slavery.
Today, what have we got? Do the humans with white skin desire to wipe out the ones with black skin or the humans with black skin are the ones aiming to wipe out the ones with white skin? And why do they forget the relative word ‘humans’? The puzzle needs to be completed or soon there might be nothing to resolve.
I hope the words of Dr Thema Bryant's help anyone whose heart is bleeding for the world today to heal.  

"You cannot wound someone and then tell them how fast to heal. The oppressor does not have the right to oversee how, when, and where the oppressed heal. The second the violator chose to wound their victim, their opinion on healing loss credibility.
WHATEVER your pain is, KNOW that anger and the desire for justice does not mean you're bitter, vindictive, evil, ridiculous, or anything else the perpetrator will try to describe you as. You are human. You are healing.
Forgiveness and wholeness is a process. Let NO ONE look down on you for that or tell you you're healing too slow. It's EASY for the person who was not wounded to ask why you're still limping. While this certainly applies to us as a community when it comes to racism and injustices, it also applies to you! #AltonSterling #EmmanuelChidiNnamdi #Philandocastile #AnyoneDealingWithUnjustifiedPainWhileSpectatorsJudge ."



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