Monday, July 11, 2016

Reflective Measures of the World’s Treasures and Pleasures.

My respect for Nigerian gospel artist, Kenny K’ore grew a notch higher after reading this reflective article of how we’ve lived a lie too long that truth now seems like hate. It actually has been growing notches higher with so many other uplifting posts and I pray the height gets to be unlimited. Read post after the cut.

“Many virgins know what it means to be mocked to scorn by those who have lost their virginity.

Nothing is wrong with you.
It's just that you live in a spiritually sick world, and because the sickness has gone on for so long, it has become socially acceptable to be sick. Now the spiritually sick people look at the unsick as the ones with a problem.

Nothing is wrong with you.
It's just that you live in a world intoxicated with materialism, and the mundane. They just can't fathom how you could have no money, and still have a healthy sense of self worth. You know THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH, but they think you're poor because you don't have money, when they're wretches because all they have is money, THEY LACK FAITH IN YHWH

Nothing is wrong with you.
It's just that you live among those who love the pleasures of this life so much they have become the PEOPLE OF THE LIE. You remain a soldier unentangled by the cares of life, they're unaware of the time, and what it requires of them.
You're a sprinter with eyes set on the finish line, they're like the hare who got distracted because the tortoise was way slower, until he slept off, and the tortoise, slow and steadily won the race.

You know it's pilgrimage out here, on this field of life, but they're living like tourists, spoiling themselves silly. Some have rolled up their sojourner tent for good, making the world their home. They mirror the world so perfectly, people are beginning to question the need for church, the Bible, or GOD.

And truth seems like hate when we've lived a lie for too long.

But I have something against you, return to your first love, and stop comparing yourself with them. Stop seeing yourself as either better or worse than them.

"...but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise." -2 Corinthians 10:12.

No, you set your eyes on being like Jesus the Christ, and you'll be fine.

#Until We Come To The Unity Of Faith

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