Friday, July 29, 2016

Saving Mayowa Ahmed: A Tragic End to Logic?

The story of saving Mayowa Ahmed, a cancer patient seeking for public help to fund her medical bills is currently taxing the sensibility of well meaning folks as it is rumoured that fund raising scheme is nothing but a scam put up by her family.

Humans that we are and the credibility of the information has got many tongues wagging and fingers tapping to voice ill or well meaning words depending on individuals logical understanding of the situation.
In the entire hullabaloo, the fact is however specified and the truth established. She’s a sick woman who probably is hoping  for another chance to live no matter what medical report says. I hope majority of people do understand what hope and faith can do in circumstances like this?
Maybe or maybe not the hospital did say she can’t survive but that shouldn't stop her from trying. Besides, let her get the opinion of another and another and another so long she still draws in air. She shouldn’t be encouraged to give up because she has been asked to. Think; a battle no matter how fierce and hopeless still can’t determine how the war will end. 

Hmm! Maybe, you're thinking, it's public fund they should have a rethink... Well then, you do have a choice to give or not but do not discourage others that are willing to do so, no matter what they've heard or read.  You  know you won't give up if you love a person that's fighting for life. And they need monies to do that. What if they didn't come to specify the fact of the tininess of her recovery the truth still remains, she's terminally ill and needs help.
Let’s not give logic a tragic end. There are too many missing links about the scam aspect of her situation; until all get fitted together one cannot truly understand what she has or had to bear. Be logical and stay sensitive with your reports and views. Be not hasty to spread what can badly damage a life, there’s hope even in hopeless situation. it is of great courage to fight when you’re told the battle is over but you do know, you can still win the war. 

Saving Mayowa Ahmed; Between the specified fact and established truth, where lies the reality? How much will it determine your opinion?
Some wise people opinion on social media is the way to walk on in this case:
"concerning the money:
1.     Stage IV – Irrelevant
2.     LUTH said no hope – Irrelevant
3.     Needing help but not disclosing the full extent – relevant

However,  Scam or Not, let’s still #PrayForMayowa". That will only take few minutes of your time and words, I hope you can manage that even if you're too sceptical to give your monies and very busy analysing the situation of her family scamming the public. Cheers!

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