Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Rational Reaction to 'Love' Emotion.

Love is not free neither is it cheap. It cost alot. To start with; it cost you your heart (sensibility) and your life (existence). Love in the true and pure form cost you that much. Take note, it cost you not the person receiving it and again in the true and pure form of it.

This is the only transaction where the seller gets to pay the price and risk losing. Hence, the need to be sure the buyer is also ready to sell what he or she owns too, his or her heart and life. I have read and heard it is a win-win game if both party involve are ready to give as they take.

The feeling of love being free, everyone is entitle to it but what you do with that feeling is what determines the cost of it. Although, it doesn’t implies in all relationship but some are base on love and love relationship final destination is the altar. I hope I am right? The writing of this post is however with that view in place.
The individuals’ in-love existence is a reflection of what they feel about each other. So, there’s need to ask some basic questions before determining what to do with that feeling of love that’s causing your heart to missed beat. Or when next it does, it just might be the end of it. Besides, this is just a reminder of what you’re mostly are aware.
* What do you love most about the person? List as much as you can but if the first three things are base on what you can see (physical). You sure will need to re-evaluate exactly what you feel.
* Gentlemen should ask can  I lord over her? Yes! You read right. That’s what the man was made to be, to lord. Although, I wonder who’s getting it twisted in our present generation; the male or female species beat me. The man should be able to influence the lady’s decisions and actions. The lady shouldn’t have to worry about being a man’s pauper or not having a mind of her own. Because the duty of a lord is to love and care for his subject but in this regard the better of ‘him’. So gentlemen, ask yourself; can you lord over her? Ephesians 5:25.
Ladies should ask can I be subject to him? Again yes! You read right. There’s a reason why you’re a (who)woman. You were taken out of a man. If man was not created, you won’t have existed. Of course, you could ask the Lord Almighty. You know He will tell you more if you lack understanding.  And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up its place with flesh; Genesis 2:21. Maybe the Lord shouldn’t have closed the place up. The sight of that opening would have serve as a good reminder when we forget(smiles). Being subject to a man is simple: respect him, learn not to shout him down. Thanks to the man that wrote; women weren’t made to do better what a man can do but were made to do the things men cannot do. There are lots of such things yet to be discovered but the business of wanting to be lord has overcome the desire to be the subject. I am simply writing what most women know but won’t acknowledge. Ephesians 5:22-33..
If you can give a positive answer to the aforementioned questions and others you can think of on your own to guide you in the right path of love then love is all yours to give and receive. Cheers!

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