Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Trove of Love.

Love is the ‘fuse’ in confusion

Love is the ‘standing’ in misunderstanding
Love is the ‘intent’ in intention
Love is the ‘solution’ in resolution
Love is ‘fame’ in defame

If love doesn’t fuse two people to stand with all intent to find solution to confusion they feel being in love and the misunderstanding that arises with their feelings with the intention and resolution to defame everyone or thing that wishes to thwart their joy then it isn’t love.
Love makes the toughest decisions the easiest. (It’s tough enough living by yourself and learning to discover things you never knew where there and how much more when you have to discover and reconcile that of someone else alongside yours?) It’s probably as tough as digging a drought infected soil.
Love makes Ugly situation end beautifully. (How many times did you have to forget those hurtful act or words that you felt will never wear off?) My guess is just after love replaced bitterness. Because when you can forgive someone anything no matter how soiled it might look then you know love is deeply rooted in your heart.
Love is fear wears off. (Have you ever been scared of letting someone know you better than you do?) if yes, then when you let that fear wears off, love got a grip on you.
Love makes even the boring moments special. (It doesn’t matter what you do together or apart, somehow you can survive each moments because you’re in each other hearts).
Love makes the years roll by like days. (Well, you could try asking your grandpa and ma if you’ve got them around).
Basically, love simplifies one’s existence. I hope you get to find a true one that can stand the test of times with you. Cheers!

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