Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Wall-Enclosed Hall of a Changed Life!

In life, peoples inability to step into the shoes of what they’re met to be or do is what creates serious issues. Thanks to Uche Jombo quote “being a celebrity doesn’t change you, it only defines the ‘real’ you”. So true! Change can be an overwhelming responsibility that isn’t met for everyone to handle, especially when it comes to the spotlight.

One wants to try to still live as they were before becoming successful; shop in the same local market or stores, eat out in the local restaurant or hang out with same friends from the hood, live life as it used to be. As hard as they try, they’ll need to keep up with the new pace success has set out for them. It will end in one way or the other. They can’t be in the middle but sure to get around it.
This is one of the reasons many keep running from the responsibility of who God has called them to be. Now, I don’t mean “WANTING TO BE CALLED”. I am talking about the actual calling to do great things to bless the Lord and change lives. But the world has become logical today that no one is completely ready to give a 100% to the Lord. They water down the message or vision in such a way that it can still fit into the system of the world that they believe works.
However, God doesn’t do 'middle'. You’re either here or there, accept or reject the call. Haven’t you been told no one drinks his/her coffee warm. The hotness of the coffee is what brings out the flavour in it, Revelation 3:6. Therefore, accepting and trying to do it or live the way the world does will only get you into trouble and raise wall to closed up the hall of your fame which is to define the person the Lord has called you to be. There are great movies met to promote the gospel, but you get to watch scenes of half clad or barely clad actors and one is forced to wonder how do they mix?
Oops! I have been told they can mix in the world system today. Butter up the Godly message as an excuse to get the people to know the truth that lies behind the veil. Hmm! It’s hard enough for people to understand what lies in front of them and now you’re asking about what lies behind......
The truth is; it’s either you do it for God or for the world. God has showed us the way, the Lord JESUS, John 14:6. Although, many are still lost or think they are and they need to find this truth. Hence, if you’re privileged to have found Him, you should be able to stay true to helping others do same. Because, logic and trying to fit into the world after being separated from it will only make you unfit for the work the Lord has called you to do. Cheers!  

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  1. God bless you o! Asin really bless you... Thank you for this piece... You have said the truth and may God continue to have mercy on those of us that think we are doing the right thing but are actually on the wrong path... And may He continue to strengthen those of us on the right path regardless of the discouragement... We do it all for Him!!! That is our purpose... For HIM!!!