Monday, July 11, 2016

Ways to Move from the Back of the Rack.

It was a good thing Ben Carson had such a great mother whose words and action turned things around for him. But it was better he listened and carried out the actions and was best he realized he’s the only one that could make the difference.

It is a general notion that beautiful things are always on display upfront in and outside a store and dull students always sits actually hide at the back of the class. However, it will astonished you, a longer time to ramshackle a rack will fetch you the most beautiful dress right from the back of it.

Take note, it isn’t just a beautiful dress but the most beautiful but because it was hidden at the back it took some patience and time and energy to search it out. Same applies to a child thought to be dull. They always turned out to be geniuses when words of encouragement are spoken and they are listened to, brings about the realisation to work to be great. Again Ben Carson and Thomas Alva Edison. Proverbs 15:14; The heart of him that hath understanding seeketh knowledge: but the mouth of fools feedeth on foolishness.
It is always easy to believe the worse things about yourself. That gives ample excuse to be lazy and a shield to hide your shame about your failures. But It is easier to walk without having to carry a shield around. Hence, speak those words to yourself if no one does, listen to them and believe, you’ll realise you’ve got great potentials. Have the most beautiful day and week.
Don’t forget to pray for the world, our nation and the church. We need the Lord more each day. And remember I love you and I am the silent friend who will be here whenever you think you need someone. Cheers!

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