Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Wake Up to a Take Up.

When one views a house from a distance the actual size or the beauty of it cannot be truly ascertain. But the closer one gets the easier it is to tell. One cannot completely know someone they aren’t close to. To know a person better, you need to get close enough to do that.

The closer you get the better your knowledge of that individual abilities and capabilities. And you’ll advise yourself never to request from that person what he or she is not possessed of.
It is generally acceptable that man knows man is the way to get favour in many cases today, especially in job seeking. If you go to a stranger for anything it’ll easily be termed begging but from someone you know it is a request or favour you’re asking for. Why do you think politician put in consideration first their loyalist when they get into the office?
A son of a rich man is considered to be rich too because of his entitlement to inheritance. Even the family members of that rich man are expected not to suffer because of that singular person. I was speaking with a colleague yesterday over issues affecting the state and he said to me ‘we are the governor of the state’. He was able to make this joke because he’s of the same tribe with the present state governor. This man isn’t a family member but he could make such a boast, I wonder what the immediate family will boast of.
The point of the above analysis is to remind you of the way to put an end to all of your troubles if you’ve got any to worry about right now and a choice not to have to worry about anything in the future. It is a walk with the Lord Jesus , John 14:6, Matthew 11:28. The greatness of God could be revealed to you when you get close enough to see and understand. From a distance, you’ll be short sighted.
It is difficult to expect to receive from when you aren’t walking with Him Isaiah 1:19. Not because it is difficult for Him to give but because you won’t know the how and when to make your request known unto Him. As for the ‘what’ to ask for, it’s unlimited.
The devil has toyed with your life long enough, wake up and take a walk with Jesus. The closer you get, the lighter the burden on your shoulders will be. Cheers

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