Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Suck out the Lime in Time!

They say time waits for no one. Each moment should count. A step taken is to bring one close to his or her goals. But how close is close enough is the actualisation of one’s mission on earth. Too many are the desires of man that bring to each one door steps insatiable hunger. This usually leaves a sour taste as one trail along searching for neutralisers.

To daily win battles should be the short term goals of a man and to conquer at the long run. However, too many people strength fail with the daily wins or get weak (overwhelm) with excitement and lose focus of the long run mission. Hence, we have a world of weaklings easily moved with the time of day and the world’s demand. Isaiah 64:4.

Developing wits to be independent of the forces that keep one trapped in a world of deceit is finding truth in the most likely places which is within you. Your mind possesses the greatest strength for reasoning and your heart for feelings. The heart sends the message the mind interprets which is gotten from the various senses.
That means you can chose to be reasonable in an unreasonable situation depending on how much credit you deserve to allocate to yourself. What happens today is a rebound of what happened yesterday. So, you can suck out the lime in time if you can:
- Cut to the chase: The fact that you chose to wait it out, any battle or problem you encounter each time would just go away. Having problems or battles to win (not fight because everyone has more chance of winning than losing) is not the problem but your inability to give yourself enough credit to win. You’ve got what your problems don’t have and that’s your senses to reason out a solution. You just need to seek the right counsel. Isaiah 64:4. So cut to the chase.
- Move a mile: Too much of anything will easily ruin everything. That’s why you’ve got to understand when they say “no pain, no gain”. Don’t be weak with pain or be overexcited with joy. Each day comes with greater challenges.
- Close the gap: Hey! There’s always forward to go, an opening waiting for your push. When you move a mile, be sure to follow up with the needed closure. No place should be vacant. Proverbs 16:27.
- Switch off:  The complexity of human nature is the reason simple issues become complicated ones. So, switch off whether it is of inferiority or superiority complex. You should know the gradual addition of numbers will still get to amount to the same sum during multiplication. E.g, 3+3+3= 9 and 3*3=9.
Basically, stop cheating yourself by letting lime shrink the beauty of each day and drain your wholeness because you can suck it out. Romans 8:37. Cheers!

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