Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Will to Climb up the Hill.

I have been out of here for sometime now, my apologises. I’ve got something squeezed up in my mind that needed straighten out. As if my gadget understood this and decided to go gaga on me. And this lady hadn’t put that in the budget and was too occupied to trust God. Never do that to yourself because God is always right on time to make the provision even before the need arises Philippians 4:219. Alright now let’s look at the will to get up the hill.

Have you been looking up at a hill and wondering how to get to the top. Well, I’ve got some news for you; the longer you look, the harder it will become because others that are higher will keep emerging. Problems are bound to occur. If you don’t take them apart piece by piece, the whole lot will be too hard for you to bite.

As easy as it is to climb up a hill when compared to a mountain, too many will still lose the nerve to do it. The climb up the hill is just the way to practice in preparation for the mountainous one for they say ‘life is in phases’ the higher and older and richer you get, the tougher it becomes. It is as simple as passing an exam and getting promoted to the next class. You fail, you stay back.
You do understand that to walk down a slope is quite easier than going up. But, I wonder if you’ll want to get down after you’ve gotten up there? It sure will be easier. To know that, you’ve got to get there first, then we can begin with the wondering. You must understand too, the easy way is always not a better way to be greater. It can only bring one down if not today but tomorrow. Again they say ‘nothing good comes easy’. Whatever you sweat hard to get will be of greater value and kept in such a manner. So, you get up the slope in preparation for the hill climb.
The simple ways to develop a good will as you approach each of the stages in life is to:
-         Stop wandering about the how, just start the climb without a back glance for a reason: it’ll make you remember where you’re coming from and either make you go back or get going. One just cannot be sure. So, keep the focus on the goal.
-         Not to search for answers of what lies in wait for you down below because you won’t know it until you get up there.
-         Do not look at the great height but look at the greatness of your mission.
I will yet be absent for about another week. I’ve got Counselling Association conference to attend. I did mention I am one of them right? Anyway, be reminded of my love for you. Hopefully, you’ll get to understand how much I do and keep you in my prayers. Be kind to do same for me and our nation. Have a fabulous weekend. Cheers!

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