Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Words the Lord Says to You.

And the Lord said

My children don’t worry about issues, they pray, commit it unto my hands and praise me for it Jeremiah 29:12, Matthew 6:32-33

Seek me and my blessings will seek you out Matthew 6:33, Jeremiah 29:13
The thickest of wilderness is an open field to walk through if I am leading you Isaiah 49:17
Turn to me and your enemies will turn from you their evil and be at peace with you or be delivered into your hands as you desire Proverbs 16:17, 2 Chronicles 20:22
Let go of the control over life, I created it and know better what befits you Genesis 1:27
When you do what’s right with an upright heart, no one shall be able to take your place 1 king 9:4-5
Let me into your heart for it is not your duty to clean it up but mine to create a pure one for my dwelling Psalm 51:10.

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