Friday, August 05, 2016

Understanding a People Standing Position in Today's World.

Understanding comes from learning, listening, reading and knowing (having knowledge of) what you see, hear and feel. It is greatly impossible to understand what you don’t know but greatly possible to know but not understand what you do know. If everyone understands what they read, no one will probably fail an exam. We sometime fail to understand because of our hastiness.

People are quick to act on what they see and know without understanding. It is as a result of misunderstanding that there’s so much contempt and selfishness in the world today. For a start, there will be less corruption in the world if people get to understand the pain they caused by their corruptive act; the rich won’t just sit back and watch the poor get poorer or the hungry get hungrier. Because understanding breeds compassion.

What about the racial and religious killings? One should ask. It still bores down to knowing without understanding what’s known. You can argue that of course. But it isn’t going to change the fact that we live in a world that man (not everyone) thinks is self made. It doesn’t matter if they get to censor the use or mention of ‘God’ on Television God is and will always be God (and here I was thinking some people just want to keep Jesus out). Are you wondering what I mean by the censoring of the mention of God because you’ve probably not paid attention to how movie channels on satellite silence ‘God’ (including exclamation of; oh my ..... ‘God’ is muted) even in African stations?  Then do pay attention next time you switched on your TV.
We all know we are humans. Despite race, we all have feelings. We go through phases; love, pain, joy.... black or white colour we were all born and will die someday and get buried and decomposed. By the way, will the worms or ants consider colour during the decomposition? That’s the question of the century.
Enough about the serious issues and let’s consider our daily relationships. There’s need never to claim you understand an issue base on your assumptions or thoughts. Before jumping into conclusion, be sure you have your facts straight inorder to arrive at the truth. Else you’ll end up making a simple situation complicated and hurting those you should love. Always be rational and compassionate to live a passionate life.

One's ability to relate what they hear and see is what brings about understanding. But too many times people tend to act on what they see without waiting to hear an explanation and act on what they hear without seeing an evidence. You have to be sure the story your eyes tell you will collaborate with what your ears hears because what the eyes see and the ears hear is and will always be interpreted by the brain. Hence, the need to exercise patience before jumping into conclusion about any issue.
At all time, let’s keep each other in our prayers and the world. I love you and I pray you know and understand that; I will be the unknown friend whenever you need one to speak freely with over issues bothering you but too worried to talk to someone that know you too well. You can whatsapp or call 08060853558. Cheers!

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