Friday, September 16, 2016

Knowledge Use in this Age.

One of the most underutilized and misused resource is KNOWLEDGE. Its ability to build and destroy is undisputable. Abundance of it is as poisonous as the shortage of it. For the former easily could breed over confidence (popularly referred to as; I too know, ITK and above the law attitude). Such a one never believes he or she could be wrong in anyway. And the latter could easily breed inferiority complex. Even when such a one is right he or she will still be in doubt.

The inability to find a balance in being knowledgeable and putting the acquired knowledge into use is illiteracy. If not so, we won’t be having educated illiterates as seen in different levels in the society and the world at large.
When it comes to politics, Oluwachuks Anya wrote a very new piece thus: "Everyone thinks corruption is at the foundation of Nigeria's problem but I beg to disagree.....illiteracy is at the core of our problems and the mother of all other problems in Nigeria. I mean it takes an illiterate to steal billions and stash it in an account in a foreign country. It takes an illiterate to steal billions and spread it in different account names and still sue the government to freeze those accounts. It takes an illiterate to be fighting a one sided corruption campaign. It takes an illiterate to sell his vote and conscience for a bag of rice. I can go on and on......we just need to fix this one problem and get everything right. Everywhere I go, I hear Nigeria is a third world country and I laugh.......third world countries don't struggle with an obsolete technology. What do I know anyway, I should align with them afterall change begins with me".
Generally today, knowledge is under utilised because it hasn’t been acquired in the first place even if individuals are having degrees from different universities. We have too many people going through the school system learning nothing but just reading and cramming to pass exams. And not taking into cognisance the societal happenings even if their eyes are wide open to see and observe. I won’t bother myself with those that choose to pay their way through with money or in kinds.
Whatever the eyes see that's not given an interpretation by and stored in the brain is as good as been  useless and blind. Because, it'll be forgotten in a moment. 
Just as the fool is been advised to be quite so that no one get to know his level of foolishness, all that considers themselves knowledgeable should be advised to speak and make a difference. Especially now that you have read to pass the exams, it is time to read to learn. Go back to those same books you read to pass and read to learn. That’s the only way for "a reader to become a leader”. Read to learn and implement.
Stop giving the excuses of not been given a chance or opportunity. If you’re knowledgeable enough, you’ll create the chances you need. The world is waiting for you and of course me too. Cheers!

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