Saturday, September 10, 2016

Relationship Gamble Ladies Dabble into.

Today, I am dabbling into a warbling topic which is usually not my pattern these days but after hearing and witnessing some of the experiences, I am forced to share these thoughts on this particular issue. Maybe, someone will get to avoid been trapped at the long run or have the energy to walk away from it on her own.
One of the greatest mistakes which is actually the second after pre-marital sex is a lady getting involved in long term relationship that can become worse if long distance is involve too. And the greater of it is fighting with family, friends or loved ones over that relationship whenever they advise her to take a review of what she’s waiting for and the uncertainty of its manifestation. 

The funny part is having to still settle for whatever is on the offer even when she knows she deserves better but have waited too long to walk away. The question of where do I start from? Becomes too difficult to have an answer? Or she becomes too scared to search out one? 
It becomes funnier when the man in turns prepares to settle for her especially with the popular saying in view that "the devil you know is better than the angel you do not know". Honey, I've got to write no devil will be able to stand the presence of an angel. That's exactly what will happen when he does find someone he considers as an angel.  Oops! She used to be that angel until long duration revealed her new given identity.
Long term relationship could easily give room to deceit from either side. Take a look at the beginning from Genesis 2:23 and Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. He recognised at a glance his wife when she was brought to him; the life of Isaiah and Rebecca in Genesis 24. Because there was divine guidance, Abraham servant had no issue with finding a good wife for Isaac, Proverbs 18:22. How many people actually ask for confirmation about their relationship from the Lord before proposing or accepting? Its getting fewer daily I believe.  
Long term and distance relationship is a warble that ladies have to understand the tune before dancing to it. At the long run the women bore the worse of the pain. It is to be expected if she had spent a better part of 11 years assisting a man she thought she had a future with.
Basically, whatever you stretch will always feel the strain. Do not make your relationship go through such strain. That can only be possible when you seek for God's leading and blessings. A good relationship isn't dependent on time frame but godly frame. Cheers!

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