Friday, September 30, 2016

The Categories: Pleasant or Unpleasant Taste of Food

It's Friday, let's take a breather and do something different and easy. Have you noticed there are two categories of cooks? The ones that cook delicious meal but never seems to believe their meal taste as pleasant as the compliments they get and the ones that do not cook well and won’t accept their meal does taste unpleasant. They will rather believe you’ve got a sour taste for food uhmmm. In most family we do have these two kinds of cooks.

However, there’s always room for improvement. For those in the first category, they keep striving to cook better hence, they hardly make mistakes and those in the second category could be better cooks when they get to accept the truth and learn to improve like I did many years ago lol!

Yes, I still can remember how my younger brother made jest of the first meal I ever cooked as a teenage girl. Oh! How I cried and prayed to get better. It was supposed to be melon pepper soup but I put in too much water and it became tasteless. It was worse when my siblings did better when it was their turn to cook. Well, one can’t say who’s a better cook now, we all are doing good and being wise in learning from each other mistakes and improving.
So, which category do or did you fall into? Be sincere.
If you want recipe for the above meal (Afang), get in touch with Udoka Jean of The Janes Room. She's one Igbo lady that does not joke with her stomach hahaha even she fears the word 'fat'.

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