Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Chase in Every Phase.

By now you should be used to the saying “life is in phases and a race”. Each phase is likely to leave one in pain or gain depending on what was or wasn’t pursued. There’s always a height to attain before moving from one phase to another. No student gets promoted to the next class without writing an exam.

There are scarifies to be made and set goals to chase to fulfilment. Again, you’ll understand when you hear or read that “no pain, no gain”. The suffering of today is for the surfing of tomorrow. Pay the price now and get the prize afterward.
It’s very easy to be competitive in a race which will be easier to win with clarified goals to be chased. You shouldn’t walk a path because every other person is walking to and through it when you’re not sure if they are chasing something or something is chasing them. You sure know the difference? Hence in each phase one must live with the ability to:
Cut and mark out the tracks: In every race, the lanes are usually cut out. It doesn’t just end in cutting, the marks men go further to use white paint to mark out the different lane lines clearly. We all know how obviously obvious the white colour is. There will be no excuse if you leave your lane to another. You need to employ the same method in every phase of life. Have a well defined goals and activities to embark on in achieving those goals. If they are clear you’ll stick to that lane line.
Get started fast: You won’t know how poor or well you’ll finish a race if you do not get started. Worries or fear (of how or with what to start with) will only get you started late because you’ll still have to run if you’re to move forward. Standing in one spot (stagnation) will weaken or hurt you (your legs) at the long run as much as moving or running. One will leave you in pain and the other in gain. You sure want the gain out of life so get to soak in the pain.
Stay the path: Before a plane takes off, it gathers memento on the runway and pick up speed to lift into the sky. When the race is slow, use that time to gather memento. You’ll need it for the launch. Also, this line from Monica Friday in her prayers Click here for it. “God did the pass, He’s responsible for the present and will also be for the future should be given thanks” which could easily be seen as a comic performance is quite the way to walk without the use of those strong slangs lol! And the part of the Lord pushing out of your way anyone who chose to come to your lane.

Finish up: Here, lies the trick of the devil. Pain is usually difficult to bear but never unbearable. Job made a proof of that in his time and our Lord Jesus showed the greatest of it all Isaiah 53:4 Surely he has borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten by God, and afflicted. No matter how tired and weary you’ve become or how much ahead others have gone, finish up. And move to the next phase with the lessons learned in the previous one. I’ve got to share this gentleman story with you.
He wanted to study Pharmacy but got admitted through pre-degree program into the university to study Botany. He was adviced and encouraged to go for it but he rejected and unknowingly to his parents he went back and bought another pre-degree form instead of paying for school fees and got admitted to study his preferred course.
He had a major challenge in final year. So major, he was to give up. His mate graduated and left him. But he thought back to the beginning of the journey and realised the end is closer. He pressed on until he finally graduated and got inducted this year.
Get it clear to get over fear to win the rare prize at the rear.
Hope you had a great Sunday? Love you dearly and God’s Blessings be upon you and me at all times in Jesus name, amen!

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