Thursday, September 08, 2016

The Essence of Marriage Based on Different Couple Responses on Social Media..

First article written by Gift Oyubu Aganbi
Often times I wonder the reason behind Marriage. Two people decided against all odds to come together, to love, respect and keep each other happy always but the reverse is d case after marriage. The two people who were so much in love now drift apart and can no longer enjoy their company(mostly the men; always want to go out, travel from one place to another claiming they are providing for their family....yet stingy to their wives).

I've had to advice different people on the issue but on other hand, sitting at home and wondering the reason behind issues in marriage has gotten me so confused the more I think about it.
Someone once said "married couple are neither friend nor enemy" marriage is a mystery yet to be understood. Judge me here now or not, 98% of married people wish they had married their ex. If they had the opportunity to marry that ex, they will still wish they had married their ex (i.e their present wife). What is the essence of marriage?
I spoke with a young girl yesterday, she is barely 6months in marriage after hearing her story with tears in her eyes, instead of advising her, I started laughing. She was surprise I was laughing until I started talking to her. One thing I discovered from her story like the others I've had the opportunity to speak with is that; the problem is always the men cheating.... Which now gives room to other misunderstanding.

A married man once told his beautiful and clean wife that she was smelling because she discovered the after effects of using Vagina wash and decided to stop and wash only with, that same man will accuse the woman of cheating when she eventually has cervical cancer tomorrow(she is paying for her sin)A friend died of breast cancer and I overheard an educated man saying ,it happens because she cheated on her husband. What a world full of mystery. What is the essence of marriage? who can unravel it?                                               
As replied by Evidence Ejiyerakpor Erhijakpor
Sex is important to every man. It eases stress and brings calmness to the brain

Unfortunately, many woman stops enjoying sex the moment they start having children. They become more attached to their children and leaves the husband recalling great sex experiences with his ex girlfriends or present girlfriend.

A hidden fact is some women are not sexually compatible with their husbands and some men are not sexually compatible with their wives. Some women are used to hard core sex, long lasting sex and their husbands are not these types. So they hate sex all of a sudden without telling the man what the real issue is. Some men likes a blow job and sex always till they are exhausted, but their wives are not these types.
Any marriage where there is problem always has a sex compatibility issue. Sex is a top priority in marriage. The first benefit of marriage is sexual freedom. And women must know that it is not a man's exclusive duty to always ask for sex. The woman should also unpretentiously ask for sex from her man. That makes the man feel he is good, relevant and desired.

The woman should be ready for sex always if she wants to keep her man. The children and domestic shores should not be an excuse otherwise your man will hate you, your food and the kids.
A calm, less aggressive, smiling and prosperous man is a well sexed man. He goes to work after sex happy and smiling. He returns from work smiling and happy because there will be sweet sex. Even if he is exhausted, the woman would be on top his laps relieving his tensed nerves while riding him to ecstasy.
Have you ever seen a Happy couple? The secret is sex. Sex makes men overlook women's excesses

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