Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Refractor of the Ex-factor.

Recently, a friend of mine drew my attention to this in an article she wrote recently talking about the essence of marriage. Click here to read if you missed it. How much the wish to have married an ex makes up the bulk of the issues some married couples are having today.

A man might wish he had married his ex (Ese as an example). And if he was actually married to Ese, he will still wish he had married his ex (Joy who’s now his wife). Same could easily apply to the woman.

This ungratified or insatiable wish marks the beginning of infidelity. In various ways past relationships have a way of positively or negatively determining the direction in which present relationship will follow if an individual fails to understand the individuality of human nature.
You should know by now identical twins can still be differentiated and could be miles apart in other ways than appearance. Your present relationship might not be as good as the past but you could make it better.
Take a look at it as an optics which separates white light into a spectrum of beautiful colours (you can try point your torch or phone light against your television set to see it). What I want you to know is; without the white light there’ll be no colour separation even if you do have the optics. Your relationship is the optics; your attitude is the white light; the colour separation is the response to your attitude or outcome of your attitude.                                             
The beauty of your present relationship depends completely on your attitude. In the words of Bill Newman “never believe that you married the wrong person. When you get married throw away the parachute, don’t intend to bail out. Don’t keep thinking who you could have married. Have you seen who you could have married lately? And the oyster is often not the only one who has a crab for a mate”. Today, it is very important to always remember the grass isn’t greener at the other side and if it is; it has been well watered and tended to.

Tomorrow is always a time to look forward to, to make better than yesterday. The way to this is letting the true nature of God reflect in and through you, LOVE him or her when the flaws are humiliating and their perfection outstanding. Romans 5:8 But God commends his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.


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